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Pictures capture memories and can make people feel special. However, when you want to make someone feel really really really special you should get them a pencil portrait! The time, effort and meticulousness required to execute pencil portraits communicates love and care. And you can make your loved one feel appreciated by getting this pencil portrait at an affordable price (top right of picture).
Our goal is to provide you with high quality hand painted artwork based on the images you provide. We have assembled a diverse team of extremely talented and experienced artists. Pencil Portraits in Ghana drawings are intimate works by their very nature, as they allow us to see an individual’s external and internal qualities through the eyes of another. For this reason, exceptional portraits will fire our imaginations and take on lives of their own, making them highly interesting additions to any home or work-space.
General specifications at a glance

  • A beautiful pencil drawing or portrait you can order for your loved one as a gift. Go on, make someone feel special!

  • Pencil portraits are the new “cool” get yours now!

  • Proudly made in Ghana