Nobody wants another job, another 9-5pm routine. Most people want something satisfying that they can call their own and pays well. Does this describe you? Maybe you are not that business inclined so setting up your own enterprise might be a hurdle. Or you are just fresh from school and are trying to land you first job in your chosen field. The job market is actually a market, if you know how and where to search, you will get yourself the best deal! This article shows you how:

Know what you want

The first step is to truly understand what path it is that you want to take. What do you really want to do? Where do you see yourself blossoming? Don’t settle for the first tomatoes you see because the seller is calling you. But how would you know if you have to get those tomatoes if you are not sure if it’s tomatoes you need? Do a soul search. Look for that one thing that makes you smile. Picture yourself in that dream job. The importance of doing this is that suddenly you begin to realize all the opportunities that are available to help you get that job. It would be your life, you would want to choose right. Know exactly what you want.

Search for openings and prospects for your chosen career

We know what we want now: a fast-red car for example. Sitting at home and wishing won’t bring it! You need to go online, search for deals, compare prices, talk to people. That’s how to get your car. Same applies for a job, you need to search. Do not be too worried about the search, there are ways to search:

1.Search the net

There are literally thousands of websites whose sole aim is to connect the job seeker with the employer. These organizations get rankings by helping you land a job. You are the statistics that helps them go high, so you are sure to help you find something. In Ghana there’s . Creating a profile on this websites gives you a platform to directly upload your CV to recruiters and managers searching for your skills. There is a vacuum just for you waiting to be filled. You just have to step up and show up!

2.Job search engines

Try and search on has everything Ghanaians may need. From cradle to grave. Do you need a job? Come search the site or post your profile like a product. You will be receiving calls in no time.

3.Social media is key

You can use social media sites to create a special profile for yourself that spells out all your capabilities skills and talents. Polish up your profile, market yourself. Spell out who you are clearly, for example “Investment Analyst”, “Marketing Executive” Then share it with friends and family. This account is a special one to market yourself, soon budding opportunities would be popping up. You may be the man or woman someone is needing for their office. LinkedIn is the popular one for job searches, pimp your profile and highlight your achievements. Grow your network to include people who are directly related to your targeted profession. You can also use Twitter to find job. Some sites use hashtags to look for recruits, follow these hashtags and the companies that have vacancies. Most time, people do not find because they don’t know how to search. Retweeting and tweeting about yourself alone builds traction to get people interested in what you have to offer. Facebook is excellent. There are many pages that are to help people find jobs. Most employers also post openings on Facebook. If you are consistent, soon a big multinational company would be requesting your CV.

Make contacts, Meet people

Networking is all about making new connections or strengthening your social capital base. Whom you know is real! The difference between a stranger sending their CV and a friend sending their CV makes all the difference. Being physically present pushes you to the top of the list. That way you get referrals, you get more skills through knowledge sharing, your name comes up when such opportunities reveal themselves. You might also meet past lecturers, internship managers or company HRs. This way they keep a mental picture of you and the conversation you had.

Tell people that you are searching

Most people find it hard to do this but if you are in this boat you are shooting yourself in the foot. Your close contacts and relative can be very great helps in finding your dream job. They may know people you don’t or have links with some companies or know about certain opportunities that you don’t know of. If nobody knows you are searching, nobody would send you any leads. They may have the friends looking for someone to contract with and it may just be you! Yet if you stay in your dark corner, nobody will know. Let all your friends know that you are searching for opportunities in this area. You would come up with something nice soon.

Go for programs

Another way to network is to go for many programs and conferences. Not just any programs or conferences. Go for Open days, Career Fairs, Job fairs, employer samplings etc. These places give you the chance to interact with new people and learn about possible employers These fairs also offer training so you would see that you would leave having learnt a thing or two to boost your personal value. Sometimes these programs are held on university campuses, attend so that you get information about others like it. Take fliers and brochures from the event, if you can speak to the recruiters directly. At the very least you may land an interview or internship which would open other bigger doors.

Have a plan

You need a solid plan for your searching, otherwise it would be just running around the place. Spend time drafting up a plan about how you would do your job search. Have a timeline for how you plan your activities. What am I doing Mondays, Fridays? etc. What time to what time am I attending fairs, when am I on social media, when am I searching the net? This schedule would help you stay organized and not make you miss a new posting or opening. It would also prevent you from applying multiple times to the same place while some other place has not seen a single wave from you. Have time to connect, apply for jobs, post your profiles. The plan is very necessary otherwise the search might overwhelm you!

Get your stuff Together

It is not helpful letting everybody know you are searching but your materials are not up to standard. You need to tailor your CV to meet the job you are seeking, highlighting other skills over others to meet the recruiters ideal. For example, if a company needs good writing skills, list examples of how you have used your writing in the past. The CV is the place to make yourself shine. A little boasting is allowed but not much. It is good to state your strengths clearly like “efficient communicator”, “good marketer” etc. Using terms like ‘focused’, ‘organized’ seem vague. There are better ways to tailor such qualities so that they are specific to you and appealing to the recruiter.

Some jobs may need you to write a cover letter. Since this is their first impression of you, you may want to make it as convincing as possible highlighting your experiences and qualifications. Examples of past successes also give you an edge and tells the employer that you have credentials that you can bring to bear on the job. Edit this letter carefully to make it as concise as possible. Keep it to one page by all means. Let people edit it for you and ask for their impressions of your letter. When people review your work, they may be able to spot grammatical errors or typographical mistakes you may have missed.

Finally go over your materials. Before you hit the submit button, let your documents be at their best game. Always your best foot forward. Most modern recruiters like brief, concise CVs and letters that tells them in few words what they need to see. Let your documents stand out.

Apply for that job!

The final strand, you have searched, you have gotten your stuff on point, next is apply. Apply to many different places tailored to your career. Apply for jobs you are qualified for and avoid ones that you are not. It is a competitive world, you want your best bets to be picked. Always emphasize on the things you have which the employers need. Surely one of these would land you an interview or job offer.

Nail the interview

In case you land that interview, prepare before the day. Prepare to impress and ace it so much that you get picked. No half-hearted responses here. Go out with much enthusiasm and intelligent answers. Where you don not know, give an educated guess and try options. You may state that you are not sure but do attempt every question. Arrive on time, dressed smartly. It helps boost your confidence. Always be ready with examples of your achievements, this shows that you have hands on experience on what you are saying. For example: “I am resilient and a good team player. This was demonstrated when….”. After the interview you may call or email the company to thank them or ask for feedback. Feedback will let them know you are interested in becoming a better person not just getting hired.

Be a winner

Lastly, always portray the good you can bring to the table, the wins the employer is going to have by having you on their team. Everyone wants to be a winner or be on the winning team. Are you a winner? How contain yourself will tell. These tips have been tested by many people who have landed themselves their dream jobs. In fact, it is a compilation of advice from successful job seekers. You may want to try them and have your own success story.