Classified advertisements may help you sell items you no further want or need, or may be utilized to list items for sale or services to provide. Many sources, like newspapers and Craigslist, enable you to submit classified advertisements for free. Learn to write an efficient classified ad, since the quality of the advertisement determines the quantity of interest you'll receive. Research the costs of equivalent items or services to assist you determine what to charge. Price items appropriately in order that potential buyers won't be switched off if your selling price is too much. Consider the acronym AIDA, consideration, curiosity, desire and action, in writing your advertisement.

Get your readers attention instantly, and create awareness about what you're offering. Once they're reading the ad and intrigued in what you are offering, create the desire for them to take action and call you about the advertisement. Use descriptive action words and provide a definite description of why they need your point. Write a plan and rough draft of the advertisement. Include detailed info regarding the item or service you're offering for sale, including a vivid explanation of the item if you're not including pictures.

In addition include a sincere description of the item situation. Make sure to include how you may be contacted. Read your advertisement out loud to someone else. This may assist you determine any errors or badly worded sections. Rewrite if required.