1. How to Post an Advert on Donkomi

    Posting ads on Donkomi is easy and fast, just take the following steps to proceed: Click on Post Your AdComplete all the information about your item such as Title of Your Ad, Category, Town or City , Description of the Item Being Sold, Price and Add Photos (at least three photos needed for cars and phones). After filling out the required fields, click on “Post My Ad” button. Your advert will… Read more.

  2. What happens after I Post my Advert?

    Our moderators will carefully review your advert and if all the fields are filled out correctly, and your ID card (Voter's ID or Passport) is verified, the Ad is then activated. You can find your advert on our site only when it has been approved by our moderators. You will get a notification email when your advert is active. If there is something wrong with your advert, you will be notified… Read more.

  3. My advert has been put on hold. Why?

    There are several reasons why your ad has been put on hold by our moderators. Here are some of them:You tried to post several items within one ad. It is not allowed to do that. Each item for sale must be posted separately, one advert - one product. Pictures you've uploaded contain contact numbers, email address, Facebook Page etc... Such images are not allowed. Please add photos which does not… Read more.