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Polytank agent at your service dear customers. My reason of posting this ad is to help you to stay at your various homes and order a brand new polytank from the best and leading company in water storage tanks.Our tanks comes in various sizes and capacity in litres and gallons. We have from the smallest to the biggest
Model name Capacity in litres Price
Rambo70 - 700litres 310.00
Rambo100. -1000litre. 460.00
Rambo140. -1400litrs. 610.00
Rambo180. -1800litrs. 820.00
Rambo250. -2500litrs. 1010.00
Rambo300. -3000litrs. 1325.00
Rambo350. -3500litrs. 1480.00
Rambo400. -4000litrs. 1655.00
Rambo450. -4500litrs. 1850.00
Rambo500. -5000litrs. 1985.00

Remember we have all the sizes from Rambo 500 to Rambo 3000 and delivery comes with a price....