Date Posted 06-06-18 No. of views 231
Job type Full-time Experience in Years 2
Salary type Monthly Education Degree/HND
Job Expires 13-06-18


Job Description

  • Responsible for gaining access to calls on relevant systems:

  • Responsible for evaluating of calls, by listening, considering a specific standard and benchmarks;

  • Responsible for providing feedback on call evaluations to a audience:

  • Responsible for receiving feedback, review, consider and provide relevant feedback to line management

  • Responsible for conducting daily, weekly and monthly plan of action and refer to line management

  • Responsible for following on with team leaders/ Supervisors on corrective action and escalated matters where necessary;

  • Responsible for documenting all Coaching sessions;

  • Responsible for using all available resources to complete an appropriate assessment;

  • Responsible for Calibration that is, book a room and consultants for teams, together with their Team Leader/Supervisor would listen to a call recording and bring assessment Sheets to assess the call and later discuss the differences;

  • Responsible for Information,  that is, discuss new products, new information and added features, show consultants on how to find answers to their questions from the system;

  • Responsible for receiving information from the Telesales Executives;

  • Responsible for identifying relevant opportunity for conversion (Option A or B);

  • Responsible tor finalizing options;

  • Responsible for direct communication to the relevant branch / operation orally & in writing;

  • Responsible for ultimately converting deals from offered phase to disbursed phase at an agreed conversion rate (100%);

  • Responsible for generating daily reports and general filing;

  • Will serve as an Administrative Support;

  • Responsible for any other task(S) that may be assigned by the Head of Call Centre Operations.

Educational Requirements

  • A Bachelor's Degree or HND is essential

  • Excellent knowledge Of IT systems, including call centre solutions, Microsoft office and e-mail.

  • Two (2) years' experience in a similar role within a Call Centre.


  • Analytical and hardworking

  • Good customer service skills;

  • Good selling skills

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Neat and organized person

  • Target-oriented

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Result-oriented

Any interested applicants should torward their CV to [email protected]

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by email.