If you are thinking of buying a bicycle anytime soon in Ghana, this is the right place to be!
This article has some tips and tricks necessary to help you get a good deal for your bike.
What makes a good bicycle depends on what your needs are and your knowledge
of the bicycle technology available.  

There are four common types of bikes. You must first decide which is best for
you and which would be convenient for where you would be using it. They are:

i. Mountain

ii. Road

iii. Hybrid

iv. City/commuter

The next to consider are your goals for the bike, what kind of landscape would you be
riding most, what distances would you want to cover, what you want to achieve with the bike?

Mountain Bikes:

If your cycling will take you off the road, it is best to look for a mountain bike with wide,
knotty tires, a flat handlebar, strong brakes, and a good shock-absorbing suspension to
cushion you on rough, unpredictable paths. Also decide which wheel size is right for
you: 26, 27.5 or 29-inch. Smooth roads need less travel and enable you to use larger,
more stable wheels.

Road bikes:

If most of your time would be on the roadway or asphalt you can use either a road bike,
a commuter, or a hybrid. Most road bikes have smooth, thin tires and a curved handlebar,
that places you in a bent-over position suitable for speed. Hybrid bikes give you comfort|
and stability because they have slightly thick tires and put you in an upright riding position.
Road bikes allow you to ride easily on city streets or rough roads. Commuter bikes may be
firm and sturdy or stylish. They also have some features like rack and fender mounts, an
upright frame design, and low-maintenance drivetrains to help you over the long distances.

Most people often go for hybrid bikes because they are light and enjoyable to ride. They
also come with high-quality drivetrains and disc brakes, making them a solid choice for
commuters or new riders who want a bike to run errands, cruise around or ride with friends
and family. Nevertheless, if you're planning to exercise, train for a tournament, or participate
in big a race, the road bikes would be a better option.

Plan for More Than Just the Bike

Most people in Ghana just walk out and get a bike. You will not get the most of the bike if
you do this. Invest in your bike like you would a car. Know exactly what you want, then
plan a budget for it. After you get the bike, do please buy bike accessories like helmet,
pump, water bottle, and bottle cages.

Buy a bike to fit you

It would be very sad to go out there get a bike, bring it home and realize it does not feel
comfortable. It just does not fit you. Try different bikes and then make at least four adjustments:
seat height, saddle position, handlebar height, and reach. Swap parts if necessary to get the
right feel and position because getting a cheap bike you might not enjoy would be more waste
of your money than a costly one you sync with. You can buy a beautiful looking bike but do
not let it override your decision for a bike that fits.

Test Different Bikes

Shopping for a bicycle is very much like shopping for a car or shoe. Do not settle for the first
one you see. Try out different ones till you get that awesome one made for you. If possible
request for a test ride of about 5 to 10 minutes.

Dress for the Bike

For test rides or bike fittings, put on the same clothing and shoes you plan to use on your
actual bike rides. A bicycle can fit one way when you're in jeans and feels another when
you're wearing cycling shorts.

Seek Professional Advice

You can shop online for your bicycle but given all of the above stated reasons, you see it is
not an advisable approach. Seek a physical shop or a recognized dealer who is into bikes
and can give you advice on how to maintain it and get the most out of your bike.

They may also help you to adjust your bicycle and may give you a small test ride. A recognized
bike dealer is essential because you want to be able to secure help if something goes wrong with
the bike. Buying old bikes without testing them is dangerous. They may fail you at crucial moments.

With these tit bits, you are sure to get the best bike for the best bargain on the market. It would
eventually be your bicycle, insist on what makes you happy and comfortable, never let cheap
prices be your determining factor for purchasing a bike.