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Welcome to www.donkomi.com.gh ("Donkomi / Website"). Terms and conditions governing your use of the Website ("herein referred to as Acceptable Use Policy "AUP"). By accessing Donkomi either through the web, Internet or any other electronic device, you accept, acknowledge and agree to the ensuing terms of the AUP, which are designed to make sure that Donkomi works for the good of everyone. This AUP is binding from the moment you logon to Donkomi. By accepting this AUP, you are also accepting and agreeing to be bound by the Listing Policy as well as the Privacy Policy.

1. Using Donkomi

You understand and agree that www.donkomi.com.gh is an internet supported electronic platform that expedites communication for the purposes of promotion, publicizing, advertising and dispensing information in relation to services, and or goods. You understand and further agree that we do not approve of, promote or market any of the items listed, information or postings, and neither do we take into custody or involved in the delivery or supply of any of the services and or goods, you have advertised, listed, posted or given information about on our website at any point in time. 

We recommend strongly that you take reasonable precautionary measures as you would in a typical traditional offline channel (just like you would when you are buying something from the open market) by exercising judgment and common-sense prior to committing to or completing or closing a proposed sale, procurement of any goods or services or exchange of information while interacting with other users on our website, with respect to any listing, information or posting. We strongly recommend that you read and familiarise yourself with our Safety Tips before undertaking any activity on our website.

You agree that your use of the Donkomi classifieds and other services such as the comments section, feedback section, and discussion forums as well your postings in any appropriate category or area of the website shall be strictly governed by this AUP together with the policy for listing of your Classified which shall not infringe on the forbidden and restricted items policy (herein after referred to as the Listing Policy.) (Listing Policy - link)

Our listing policy forms part of this AUP and is also integrated into it by way of reference:

    • “Your Information” is delineated as any sort of information that you make available to us or other users of the website at the time of registering, listing, posting or replying to classifieds ads, either in the comments section ,if any,, in the discussion forums or in the during the use of any features of the services offered. You also agree that you are solely and legally responsible and accountable for Your Information and any information that you provide on the website and we act as mere conduit for the online publication and distribution of Your Information.

You agree that Your Information, Posting and or Listing: 

  1. Shall not pervert, pertain or misrepresent the sale of any illicit, stolen goods, counterfeit, fraudulent works and or services. 
  2. Shall not post or list an item in any other town, city or region except where you currently live.  
  3. Shall not include material that communicates race, religion, political, class, preferential lifestyle, bigotry, gender, hatred based on age, racism, sect, derogatory, nationality or is in a form that may be defamatory to any third party.
  4. Shall not be pornographic, obscene or represent women in an indecent manner. 
  5. You agree to receive information and communication via email, call or any means of communication, be it electronic or otherwise, relating to services offered by the web portal.
  6. Shall not distribute chain letters, spam, Ponzi or pyramid schemes in any form.
  7. Shall not spread, transmit, or distribute worms, viruses or any malware that may harm Donkomi or the property or interests of users of Donkomi or mete out an unreasonable load on Donkomi infrastructure or interfere with the proper functioning of Donkomi.
  8. Shall not infringe on any copyright, proprietorship, patent, intellectual property, trademark, trade secret, privacy or rights of publicity of any third party.
  9. Shall not indirectly or directly attempt to offer or offer, attempt to trade or trade in any goods and services dealings of which is forbidden or prohibited under any applicable laws, regulations, decree, statute, canon, tenets or regulation or enforceable guidelines. 
  10. Shall not be wrongfully placed in an incorrect section or category of the web portal.
  11. Shall not pertain to services, works and goods of which you do not have the legal authority, proprietorship or consent to post or list which you do not have the legal authority for or do not belong to you. 
  12. Shall not post or list any information that is forbidden or outlawed under the laws of the republic of Ghana and such a information, listing or posting shall not contravene Donkomi’s Listing Policy.

2. Eligible Age

Citizens of Ghana who are 18 years of age and above are eligible to use, list or post information on www.donkomi.com.gh. You may access the Donkomi website either as a registered individual or on behalf of a legal entity. You fully agree that you have been fully authorized to post information or list an item on the website on behalf of the legal entity that you represent and that you are fully accountable and fully responsible for information that you post, items that you list and actions that you take as a result.

3. Abuse of Donkomi

You agree to notify us of any suspicious posting or listing that is offensive or infringes on our acceptable use policy or violates any copyright or intellectual property rights by reporting to [email protected] to help us ensure the safe and efficient running of the website or mobile app. We reserve the right to remove any prohibitive or offensive advert, listing, posting or information and terminate or limit our services and take all necessary legal and technical steps to avert the exploitation of the website. In the event that you encounter any issue with our services, kindly report the issue to [email protected]

4. Violations by User

You agree that if your advert, posting or listing violates any section of this Acceptable Use Policy, we reserve the right to either suspend your membership or terminate your access to the website and mobile app and decline to provide you or your surrogate access to the website or mobile app.

5. Content

The website contains Donkomi’s information, information on other users as well as your information. You agree not to modify, distribute or copy such content or Donkomi’s trademark or copyright (other than information that you have personally provided). Any content that you provided us as part of Your Information, implies that you have explicitly agreed that you are providing us with sub licensable rights, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, global, non-exclusive and license to publish, use, reproduce, display, translate, and distribute such information or content either partially or entirely through our website or through any of our partner websites or affiliates, mobile platforms or publications. We need this data, content or information and rights with respect to Your Information to enable use display and host your data, information or content. If you feel there is a violation of any sort, kindly inform us by sending us an email ([email protected]) to that effect. We also reserve the right to delete such content on suspicion that these terms and our Listing Policy or any party’s rights have been violated.

6. Liability

You agree not to hold www.donkomi.com.gh or any of its employees, agents or officers accountable for any of your postings, information or listings nor shall any of our agents, employees or officers be liable for any illegal activity, misuse or third party content as most listings, information or postings are directly created or generated by different users and we have no role in the publication, distribution or creation of such listing, information or posting and neither are we in a position to attain editorial control over the substance or content as contained in the information, postings or listings except to the scope detailed in section 3 above. You recognize and agree that we do not certify or guarantee the legitimacy or accuracy of any information, posting or listing provided by users. You also agree that we are not liable for any loss of reputation, goodwill, money or any indirect, special or consequential damages that may arise out of your use of the website or mobile app or as a result of any purchase of goods and services, or sale with other users of the website. We cannot also guarantee secure or continuous access to our Services. Accordingly, to the extent legally permitted we exclude all implied warranties, of merchantability, fitness or quality of our services and the website.

7. Personal Information

When you use Donkomi, you agree to the collection, storage, transfer and use of any personal data or information that you provide on the Website by Donkomi Limited. The information and data are stored on servers located in the cloud. When you submit your CV or Resume with your replies, you afford Donkomi the permission to share your information with its partners and third party entities. You also agree to receive marketing communications unless you explicitly indicate to us in writing through [email protected]

8. General

This Acceptable Use Policy is a living document and we reserve the right to it or the listing policy at any time and we may inform you of such updates via email communications or posts on boards. The updated Acceptable Use Policy and or the Listing Policy shall come into force immediately it is published. If we are merge or gets acquired by another company we may exchange or share personal information with our new partners or company, however, the terms of this Acceptable Use Policy will continue to apply.

9. Third Party Services and Content

Donkomi may be linked to websites operated by other entities. Users who view or visit such sites do so at their own risk and are therefore subject to the privacy policy as well as terms and conditions of such websites which may be at variance with those of this website. The user is therefore advised to take full responsibility and all safety measures to safeguard against, worms, trojans, viruses and other forms of malware or destructive elements that they may encounter on such websites. Donkomi does not endorse, makes no representation or warranty regarding any website that it may be linked to or any data or information that may appear thereon or any services or products described thereon. 

Additionally, any user interaction with individuals or organizations discovered through or on the website including delivery of goods and services, payment, and any other conditions, terms, warranties, or representations associated with such transactions are exclusively between the user and such individual or organization. The user must undertake whatever investigation that they deem appropriate and necessary before carrying on with any online or offline deal or transaction with any of such third parties.

10. Indemnity

Your use of the site indicates that you have contracted to indemnify and hold Donkomi, its employees, assignees, associates, management, successors, agents, subsidiaries, officers, affiliates, suppliers, and service providers harmless of any claim or demand including legal and solicitor fees prepared by any third party due to or as a consequence of use of our service, violation of the Acceptable Use policy, Terms of Use or user submitted content, warranties herein, breaches of any of any of the representations on the part of the user or a user’s violation of any rights of another of any sort or kind.

11. Jurisdiction & Governing Law

The Listing Policy as well as this Acceptable User Policy is governed and construed in accord with the decrees of Ghana and the Supreme Court of Ghana shall have absolute jurisdiction on all disputes and matters in relation to or arising out of the website.