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In hot countries like Ghana, air conditioners are very important! You cannot do without them.Getting an air conditioner of high quality is very important. This Frigidaire Air Conditioner is all you need to cool your room at home or in the office. It is designed with a cold air prevention system and one touch turbo too. It also has a 170 volt starter as well as a nylon dust filter. The louver control on this air conditioner is automatic. You can see other specifications below.
Frigidaire is a popular brand when it comes to air conditioners. They are recognised for superior quality and providing an excellent user experience.In a nutshell, you can never go wrong with frigidaire. That is why you should quickly order your  frigidaire air conditioner directly from the retailer now. You also deserve to enjoy a cool room and live like a royal!
Cold Air Prevention System
One Touch Turbo
170 Volt Starter
Active Carbon Filter
Advance PureAir Filtration
Nylon Dust Filter
Bio/HEPA Filter
Mildew Prevention Function (Clean)
LCD wireless Remote
Automatic Louver Control
1Watt Standby