Choose the Right Price - Everything Sells if the Price is Cool.

  1. Search for similar adverts and pick a reasonable  price.
  2. Consider how much buyers are willing to pay for your item. The lower the price, the higher the demand.

Use Nice Pictures.

  1. Use real pictures - adverts with photographs of the actual item get up to 8 times more views than adverts with images picked from the Internet or product catalogs.
  2. Take perfect pictures - use good lighting or illumination and take pictures of the item you want to sell from different angles.

Write a Detailed Description in your Advert

  1. Provide as much details as possible - Buyers will have less questions. 
  2. Mention the product brand, model, highlighting features, any defects, etc.
  3. Do mention how old your product is. 
  4. The more details you provide, the more the views you get!
  5. Use the right keywords and information that buyers will be interested in.
  6. Be honest in your description.

Promote or Feature your Advert!

  1. Featured and Promoted adverts get up to 8 times more views.
  2. The more views your advert gets, the more contacts you get from interested buyers.
  3. With lots of interested buyers, you have a greater chance of selling faster for the price that you want.